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“Its been four years, but Im still not used to snow in the spring.” Kieran stuck his hand outside the window and felt a snowflake land on his palm and watched as it turned into water.

It was snowing in Eton, Geores capital.

However, the snowflakes melted the moment they touched the ground.

The sky was winter but the ground showed that it was in fact spring.

He saw pastel violet lilacs and watched a maid moving about hastily, stepping on the sensitive mimosae on the ground.

Kieran looked down at the pretty flowers and then turned his head and called out, “Ian!”

An ash-haired man was sleeping with an open book covering his face, and Kieran stepped away from the window smiling.

The man whose limbs were relaxed and hanging over the armchair, was Ian Sergio, the Kings illegitimate third son.

However, unlike people from his background, Ian was an honest and strong man.

He was the only person who had protected Kieran in a country where he couldve been beheaded at any moment.

Kieran had been able to focus on his treatment and learn about Georges new ideas too.

“Ian Sergio, how about returning to your room now Youre an eyesore.”

Ian woke up only after Kierans voice became sharp, and the man with eyes that resembled a beasts stretched and yawned.

“An eyesore You dont know how to be grateful.”

“I am truly grateful, thats why Im informing you that my mother will arrive at any moment.”

Ian jumped up, “Why didnt you say that earlier! If the beautiful Marchioness sees me, she wont stop nagging me.”

Kieran shrugged his shoulders as he handed Ian a letter before the man ran out of the room, “Send this to my home please.”

It was a letter with the Vale seal, and Ians brow furrowed as this was a pageboys job, “Why not give it to the Marchioness”

“I havent been able to get Lias answer even though Ive asked my mother a few times.

Thats because…”

“She seems to disapprove of your sister knowing about you,” Ian finished his sentence for him.

Kierans smile was faint.

He had not hidden Canillians identity from Ian, and he had praised her angelic beauty, even though their mothers were different.

It may have been a way to make the prince his alley in Geore, but things had developed into friendship.

“Probably,” he agreed.

Kieran didnt want to suspect his mother, but he had not received an answer from Lia as yet.

He had liked her from the start and had been sad to treat her like a boy to respect his mothers wishes.

However, he was now certain, after reading a letter from Rosina that his suspicions were correct.

His fiancé had written that Canillian would enter the academy and spend time with Wade while getting measured for the school uniform.

Wade had also told Rosina that Canillian had not known about the engagement and had no intention of attending the ceremony. Mother, Kieran sighed.

Ian shrugged as he waved the letter, sensing that Kieran was upset, “All right, I will give this to your sister.”

Keiran nodded in thanks but thought something was strange.

“Ian, wait!” But Ian was already running across the garden.

Kieran thought he knew what Ian would do, but even a prince would not be able to cross the border without the Kings approval and he was curious when Ian would return.


After cleaning up the mess Ian had made, he heard his mothers voice, and he looked back with a pleasant smile, “Mother.”

Anastasia thanked the gods for seeing Kieran looking healthy as she took off her hat.

He had gained weight and hadnt coughed in months.

However, she was now impatient as Kieran seemed like he would not return to his home.

“The prince is not here today,” remarked Anastasia.

“Ian…seems to be preoccupied.”

“I appreciate his kindness, but hes a prince of an enemy state.

Dont let him too close.”

“I wont,” he lied, “arent you tired from your journey Rest for a while, and I will come back before dinner.” Kieran picked up the books he had read and the one Ian had left behind.

Anastasia didnt hide her irritation as she sat on the chair, “You avoid your mother in new ways.”

“Dont say that.

Im preparing to go back.”

“Let us return after ten days then.

You need to prepare for your engagement ceremony, present yourself to the Emperor and spend time with Princess Rosina,” said Anastasia.

Kieran was satisfied with his engagement.

He had known her for a long time and desired to be connected to the Imperial family.

Everything was returning to normal, and Kieran had learned new things after becoming healthier.

If his country was protected by goddesses of arts, culture, and agriculture, Geore was ruled by science and war.

Therefore, Geore was filled with knowledge he couldnt learn back home.

Ordinary people could make drinkable water using science and a high-energy generator could light the entire palace for three hours.

It was amazing, and that was why Kieran hesitated to return home, even after his doctor told him he was cured.

“I will stay in Eton for a year after the engagement ceremony, for Rosinas benefit.”

Anastasia agreed, although she wanted them to marry soon, Kieran was right.

He would become the Duke when they married, which meant he had to be perfect.

However, Kieran had too many weaknesses as he had not even graduated from the academy.

Even if he couldnt be stronger than the Ihars, she wanted him to be equal to them.

Anastasia looked at the letters on Kierans table after he left the room.

There were invitations from Geore academies, greetings from acquaintances, and Rosinas letter.

She smiled to herself knowing that the two of them would make a perfect pair, especially since she saw that they were sending letters to one another every month.

She decided to read the letter when she saw that the seal was already broken.



Betty and Pepe looked up at Lia simultaneously and stopped cleaning the room, “Young Master, do you need anything” Betty inquired.

“Yes, I want to go to town to buy a few things before going to the capital.”

“I will go and prepare the carriage then.”

“Thank you.

I will go with Pepe, so please prepare the rest of my luggage.” While Lia had been indifferent as much as she could, Betty looked suspicious.

Lia turned the page of the newspaper she was reading and found an article about the murders on Etear Street, which the Marquis had also read.

It was about mourning the women who had died and the hunt to catch the murderer.

The journalist had written in detail about how the murders had been committed and emphasized that the culprit only targeted the rich or nobles.

Lia could see by the way he carried out the murders, the intense hatred he had within him.

What did he hate so much Power, money, or women She put the newspaper down on the table as the carriage was ready, and Betty asked Lia as she was putting her jacket on, “What do you need so urgently that you need to go out”

“Theres a limited edition fountain pen I keep thinking of.

The owner has said that he wont sell more after theyre all sold.”

“Then, I will ask the owner to have one ready.

Where is it”

“What if they are all sold I will have to go to look at other shops then.” Lia left before Betty could say anything else and climbed in the carriage along with Pepe.

“Its been a long time since we went out!” Pepe spoke excitedly.

“Do you like going out”

“Of course!” She replied, with the biggest grin across her innocent face.

Pepe waved to Betty as the older woman stood in front of the mansion, making Bettys face turn into a scowl.

Lia opened the window to tell Betty not to worry before the carriage started to move.

“Lets be back before dinner time.”

“Are you honestly going to buy a fountain pen” Pepe asked, lifting an eyebrow.


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Lia nodded before adding, “Yes, and also some clothes.”


“Not for me but you,” she said smiling, “I told you I will take you to the capital, which means you need suitable clothes.” She watched as Pepes face lit up.

“Dont you think its high time we got new dresses”

Pepe nodded in agreement.

She was one of the few people who knew that Lia was a girl and she remained silent due to strict instructions given by the Marchioness to do so.

Lia could read what Pepe was thinking with those excited eyes, and then she turned her attention to the scenic ride, watching as the magnificent metasequoia trees passed them by.


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