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As Canillian and the principal entered the exam room, everyone came out of hiding and let out the breaths that they’d been holding, unable to hide their curiosity any longer.

They whispered among themselves and commented harshly on his pretty face and petite frame, despite not knowing his age nor his origin.

Claude tucked his gloves in his back pocket and opened the lid of his canteen, choosing to ignore all the hushed gossip around him.

He was calmly drinking his water when a group of students swarmed around him, led by Count Tholin.

The group courteously stood behind the Count, not meeting his eye.

“This is the first time in four years that I am seeing him, and his face still makes me sick.” Tholin stared at the spot that Canillian had been standing in just a moment ago, and his expression soured just like his sour opinion.

Claude just wiped his mouth and closed the lid of his canteen while Tholin continued to belittle Canillian.

“It occurs to me every time.

Who would have thought that was a man As a man myself, he brings shame to us all.”

“Shame, you say.

Has Canillian Vale done something to offend you” Claude asked, raising an eyebrow.

“His entire existence is shameful.

Anyone who sees him would think he is crude.

I bet, without a doubt, he is an illegitimate child.” Tholin’s freckled nose wrinkled up in distaste.

Count Tholin had despised Canillian from the beginning, not just Canillian, but all males with handsome faces.

He didn’t even try to hide it, and poor Canillian just happened to be his next target.

Tholin ground his teeth as he spoke further, “For the academy to take in someone like that… The Marquis must be shameless.” In an instant, the atmosphere became heavy.

Claude loosened his hand that was holding his horsewhip.

How dare the Count belittle the Marquis who was on the same level as the Duke.

“Count Tholin,” Claude’s voice warned him with forced kindness.

Hearing his stern voice, Tholin relaxed his face and smiled sweetly, and he seemed slightly embarrassed, which Claude found rather irritating.

“My apologies.

My words were a little brash.”

“Hmm… A little, you say For something so little, you may find yourself without a tongue quite soon.”

“Excuse me”

Claude bit into his lip so hard that he tasted blood, then he turned around and walked over to his horse to stroke its long mane in the hopes that that would calm his nerves down.

The magnificent black horse, which had been gifted to him personally by the King, mischievously bumped its forehead into Claude’s shoulder in response.

It usually had no reason to leave the paddock; had he ridden the horse all the way here The people that were watching Claude grab the engraved leather reins could not hide their wonder at its beauty.

“If you are going to continue to run your tongue like that, try and keep it controlled.

Canillian Vale is the son of the Marquis.

A mere count like you trying to compare with the Marquis, who has the King’s favor You are such a fool.”

“M, my Lord!” Tholin stuttered.

“Is your head full of the excretions of your livestock If not, you would know not to disgrace the Marquis like that.”

Tholin couldn’t refute this, and his face glowed bright crimson as he bit his lip.

Claude was right, the King’s affection for the Marquis was something that no one could deny.

Not only that, the Lord’s mood was beyond low, and his words were sharp like a knife.

In situations like these, it was best not to argue.

With his face still hot, he politely bowed his head, “It was my mistake.

But with that kind of face, don’t you think he will become the target for sodomy”

Claude halted his hand that was stroking his horse’s mane as the Count continued to test his nerves, unable to let go of his pride, “Did you just say ‘sodomy’” Claude asked as he marched towards him.

Just as Tholin’s curly hair bristled up, Claude grabbed his shoulder.

“I will keep your concern in mind.

The target for sodomy, you say” His voice was as cold as the North Pole, “Such wild imagination.” The warmth in his whisper turned icy-cold as he stared towards the door of the exam room that Canillian had entered.

Canillian is taking his entrance exam.

Aren’t you curious to know what grade and class he will select Hmmm.

Eddie seemed to have an eye out for her.

I know him, right Eddie Kirkham. Claude cursed to himself with a grave expression and pushed the door open.

Once inside the room, Canillian sat down at a desk and saw that the teachers of the academy stood around the room.

Claude felt a burning sensation in his heart as the emerald-green eyes glanced around.

Even in front of all these people, Canillian Vale didn’t show any signs of nervousness; there wasn’t a trace left of the old naïve Canillian.

As Claude made his way to his assigned seat, Prince Wade, who was sitting at the front of the room, smiled as he glanced around the room, “Now that everyone is here, let us start the exam.


“My words came out harsh.

I am concerned, as he is the adored younger brother of Lord Kieran.

My apologies,” Tholin resigned with a weak smile.

Claude flipped back his hair that was drenched with sweat and turned around, taking a step toward him, and Tholin flinched at the sight of Claude getting closer to him.

His smirk looked as if it was drawn on his face perfectly, and he walked with grace while the shadow of his whip hit his knee with each step; Tholin felt chills down his spine.


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