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Claude left the room with an odd, tight sensation in his heart.

But Owen still hadn’t come.

Claude then realized that only three minutes had passed.

He scoffed at such a revelation.

It seems like there is nothing wrong with his health, Claude thought.

 For whatever reason, Canillian must have gotten on the wrong side of the Marchioness.

Coincidentally, Claude had seen the Marchioness leave Lia’s house early that morning.

And a moment later, Canillian, dressed in street clothes, lied about his health and headed to the library.

Claude thought: She raised a fake well and now that Kieran is healthy again, did she feel uncomfortable

Claude calmly went downstairs.

The engagement party would continue for 3 days.

He was staring at Kieran and Rosina, who were in the middle of the festivities, and saw the Marquis and Marchioness beside them.

Claude noticed that, unlike Marchioness—who looked happy while speaking with the Emperor—Gliad looked concerned.

Claude also noted that Ian Sergio was smiling, but with a weirdly stern look.

Claude nodded at the Marquis, took a few bottles of drink and turned.

“Young Duke, you’re here! Our Lady has been looking for you,” said Marilyn’s maid.

“Where’s your mistress”

“Our Lady is over… huh Where did she go” The maid couldn’t hide her confusion.

She had just seen Marilyn near Rosina a moment ago.

Claude picked up an orange drink and turned.

“How unfortunate.”

The maid’s face turned bright red at his insincere tone.

He handed the bottles to Owen, who was packing drinks, and went back into the building.

“What about Lian” spoke Ian Sergio casually, as he trailed behind Claude.

Ian had just been with the Emperor.

Claude scoffed at Ian’s tone.

It was as if he knew that Claude would be with Canillian.

“Why are you here, leaving His Majesty alone”

“Business talk is so boring,” Ian replied.

“My half of the neutral territory is where the diamonds are.

He said he’ll sign a peace treaty if I give him the right to trade.

It isn’t a condition I want, so I told him I would think about it.

Kayan’s Emperor is so two-faced.”

He was bad mouthing the Emperor, but Claude didn’t care.

He just calmly walked past Ian and went up the stairs.

Ian, scoffing, followed him.

When Claude arrived at the top, he found the door he had left closed was now half open.

This was followed by a lady’s sharp voice.

“Marilyn Shelby” Claude asked aloud.


Lia, just as bewildered as Marilyn, stepped back.

Marilyn, biting her lower lip, approached Lia.

“Miss, what are you doing”

“Was it you who was at the library, Sir” Marilyn demanded.

“Library I, I was always here.

I wasn’t feeling well.”


“Miss, I don’t know why you’re angry,” stammered Lia.

“But you can’t act like this.”

“Why” said Marilyn, getting closer.


Lia couldn’t step back any further.

She faced the aggressive Marilyn.

Marilyn came nose-to-nose with Lia, grabbed her collar, and tore it.

Buttons popped off, exposing the shoulder wrap of her undergarments.

A surprised Lia slapped Marilyn’s hands away.

“What are you doing” she cried.

“I found something weird—something off—from the beginning.

Actually, it became weird immediately upon your arrival to the Capital.”

“I, I don’t know what became weird,” Lia sputtered.

“You must calm down, Miss.”

“Calm down Ha! So cruel! Prove it to me.”

“I beg your pardon”

“Prove to me that I misunderstand the situation!” Marilyn shouted, as she grabbed Canillian’s shirt again.

She looked possessed by a demon.

Canillian felt like he was dealing with an unleashed beast.

LIa grabbed Marilyn’s hands to stop them from ripping her shirt off and pushed her away.

If this continued, Lia’s undergarments would be completely revealed!

Marilyn weakened and fell onto a little bed.

Lia jumped on top of Marilyn and swiftly pinned her down.

She had learned how to ride a horse and how to handle a sword.

She also swam and ran frequently enough; she is so much stronger than Marilyn.

Her strength might not be much against men, but most ladies would not be able to best her.

Marilyn, who seemed surprised by the strength that came from such small body, looked up with trembling eyes.

Lia spoke with confidence: “I don’t know what kind of misunderstanding this is, but no.

Whatever you are worried about won’t happen.

I can promise.”

Marilyn’s eyes teared up in response.

The moment Lia released Marilyn’s hands, the lady forcefully slapped Canillian’s face, exclaiming, “How rude, Sir! How dare you do this to a lady!”

The slap was so hard that Lia instinctively covered her cheek and jumped off of Marilyn.

Marilyn tidied up the hem of her dress and stood up, looking much calmer.

Lia stood back by the window, trying to calm down.

“I’m sorry, Miss.”

“It’s a fraud, Sir,” whispered Marilyn profoundly as she stared at Lia’s chest.

Lia’s hands, already holding her torn shirt, went pale.

“Don’t be greedy.

In a man’s body.

It’s despicable.” Marilyn spat out this invective and whirled around, only to meet Claude’s eyes as he stood in the doorway.

“Sir Claude,” said the surprised Marilyn formally.

“I was looking for you everywhere and ended up here.

Are you surprised”

Marilyn’s legs were trembling as she took a step forward.

Claude held out his hand.

He approached Marilyn with a neutral face, took her hand, and spoke.

“It’s red.”

Marilyn took her hand away from him and carefully hid it.

“It’s nothing.”

“No, it seems like there’s a scratch.

There will be punishment.” His gaze went to Lia standing by the window.

He spoke in a low tone: “To scratch what’s mine, will cost dearly.”


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